HTTP Status Codes

Errors are returned using standard HTTP error code, the following error codes are supported by the API

Name Description
400 Bad request. Client supplied invalid input.
401 Unauthorized. In this case WWW-Authenticate response header contains the allowed authorization schemes.
403 Forbidden. Unsupported version of client application is contacting the API. Update client application to fix this.
404 NotFound. This happens when the resource does not exist or the user does not have the permission to access the resource.
405 MethodNotAllowed. Request HTTP method not expected.
406 NotAcceptable. Client is trying to execute not allowed action.
412 PreconditionFailed. For example user does not have enough funds to make a transaction.
419 Authentication token expired. Re-authenticate the user to fix this.
423 Account Locked. This happens if the user exceeded the number of incorrect authentication attempts.
500 InternalServerError. See the additional info in the response body.

When an error is generated both a 'code' and 'message' is returned to describe the fault this in addition to the HTTP status code.

Refer to Fault Response Codes for a full list of Fault Response Codes

    "code": "4018840",
    "details": {
        "message": "Merchant id must be 3 characters long"