Service Functionality

In this section you will learn about the functionality of the ANYpay POS service.


The ANYpay POS service is a card payment processing solution that enables a merchant to integrate card payment authorization with its Point of Sale (POS) system. ANYpay POS enables a merchant to do single stage authorization commonly known as a sale transaction (authorization request and, if approved, the immediate capture of funds automatically) and multi-stage authorization commonly known as the pre-authorization or "pre-auth" scenario. For an Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) transaction, ANYpay POS handles interaction with a merchant's EMV enabled PIN Entry Device following EMV rules.

Transaction Types

ANYpay POS supports the transaction types listed in the table below.


Request authorization of the transaction by the acquirer and, if the transaction is approved, then immediately require the capture of the transaction amount (debit the cardholder's account) by including the transaction for settlement


Request authorization and, if approved, temporarily hold an amount of the cardholder's account balance

Top Up

Increment the original pre-authorization amount and request authorization of the incremented amount


Request settlement of the transaction (capture the final transaction amount)


Credit a cardholder's account with a transaction amount


Cancel a transaction during or after processing but before settlement. A multi-stage authorization transaction cannot be reversed after the capture stage


Authorize a transaction with an authorization code obtained by contacting the card issuer following a referred response to an authorization request. A pre-authorization transaction cannot be "referred"

Card Payment Acceptance Methods

ANYpay POS supports the card payment acceptance methods listed in the table below.

ICC (Chip and Pin)


ICC (Chip and Signature)




Contactless (On Device)






Single and Multiple Socket Options

The ANYpay service offers single and multiple socket connection options. The single socket option enables a merchant to open a connection to ANYpay POS, send a transaction and then the socket is closed by ANYpay POS. The multiple socket option enables a merchant to use an open socket connection for a specified period of time configured during setup so that multiple transactions can be sent before the socket is closed by ANYpay POS.

Store and Forward

Store and Forward enables a merchant to verify a cardholder when the card is presented but eliminates an online authorization request so the transaction is completed more quickly. The transaction is stored by ANYpay POS, forwarded for authorization and the response can be returned to the merchant’s system either reactively (ANYpay POS waits for a request from the merchant’s system to return the authorization response) or proactively (ANYpay POS returns the response to a listening socket specified by the merchant).

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Enables a cardholder to have a transaction amount converted to their local currency when making a payment in a foreign currency.

Gift Cards

Enables a merchant to process Gift Cards i.e. activate cards, perform balance enquiry, Cashout etc.

Store Signature

Enables a merchant to send in a signature that is captured on a tablet when it cannot be captured on a PED.

Query Device

Enables a merchant to query the state of a PED to check if it is in use or not.

Query POS

Enables a merchant to query the state of ANYpay POS

Status Update

Updates client application with the status of the transaction as each step is done.