Technical Overview

In this section you will learn a technical overview of the ANYpay POS service.

ANYpay POS runs as a Service Application on a merchant’s POS, workstation or server with a windows or Linux operating system.

The merchant’s POS integrates with ANYpay POS by inter-process communication based on the client-server model with either a TCP socket or HTTP(s) transport layer and the ANYpay XML message data protocols.
ANYpay POS interacts with the merchant's PIN Entry Device (PED) over a serial/USB/TCP connection with point to point encryption (P2Pe) to make sure sensitive card data is encrypted and cannot be obtained fraudulently.
Requests are then processed securely via a HTTPS TLS 1.2 connection to the the ANYpay Gateway, where the encrypted data is securely decrypted and passed onto the acquirer for processing. The response is then returned to ANYpay POS which in turn returns the response containing the XML message (ascii ISO-8859-1) to the merchant POS via the original transport layer type.