ResponseCodeType Simple Type

Name Description
NoResponseFromPed No response from the PIN Entry Device when completing the transaction
Authorised The transaction was authorized online by the acquirer or card issuer
Approved The transaction was authorized offline. The transaction was not sent to the acquirer
Referred The transaction was referred by the card issuer
Declined The transaction was declined
Error There was an error processing the transaction
AuthenticationFailure The transaction data failed ANYpay service authentication checks
Cancelled The transaction was cancelled on the PED
ApprovedRangeSpecified The transaction amount is below the specified Store and Forward ceiling limit. The transaction is stored locally and sent to the the ANYpay Gateway when the connection is restored
DeclinedRangeSpecified The request is not permitted when ANYpay POS is in Failover mode
ReferredRangeSpecified The transaction amount is above the specified Store and Forward ceiling limit and merchant initiated referral is supported (the transaction is stored and the merchant can submit an authorization code obtained by contacting the acquirer/card issuer)