DccReceiptInfo Complex Type

Name Description Type Constraint MaxLength
Status This is the Dcc status of a transaction if a workstation is configured for Dcc DccStatus Optional NA
Selected This is an indication of whether the cardholder selected 'yes' or 'no' to DCC DccSelected Optional NA
TransactionAmount This is the monetary value of the transaction in minor units Money Optional 19
ExchangeRate This is the exchange rate used for the conversion xs:string Optional
Disclosure This is the DCC service provider's disclosure statement xs:language Optional 500
Logo This is the path to the graphic of the DCC service provider's logo printed on the receipt. If empty or null, there is no requirement to print the graphic on the receipt. The path points to a file (gif or jpeg) that is installed on the till by the installation program xs:string Optional 50
AuthorizedTransactionAmount This is the monetary value of the Authorized Transaction Amount Money Optional NA
RateDate This is the date and time of exchange rate xs:dateTime Optional
RateSource This is the rate source of the exchange rate xs:string Optional
MarkupPercentage This is the mark up percentage xs:decimal Optional
MarkUpText This includes information about the markup being applied. xs:string Optional NA