IccTransactionRequest Element

Name Description Type Constraint MaxLength
TransactionConfig This is the object that descibes the credentials required to authenticate with ANYpay TransactionConfig Mandatory NA
PedEndpointAddress This is the object that describes how to connect to the PIN Entry Device PedEndpointAddress Mandatory NA
AuthorizationConnectionType This is the required method of authorization. This value must be set to OnlineAuthorization AuthorizationConnectionType Mandatory NA
TransactionAmount This the monetary value of the transaction in minor units Money Mandatory NA
TransactionReference This is the merchant's own unique reference for the request xs:string Mandatory 50
TransactionDateTime This is the current date and time of the transaction on the computer, expressed as the local time xs:dateTime Mandatory NA
TransactionType This is the transaction type of the transaction TransactionType Mandatory NA
KeyOnPed This is to indicate if the transaction can be keyed on a PED CustomerPresentType Optional NA
StoredCredential This is to indicate if the transaction is to support Stored Credentials Stored Credentials Optional NA