CardTransactionResponse Element

Name Description Type Constraint MaxLength
ResponseCode This is the response code indicating the result of the processing operation ResponseCodeType Mandatory NA
FaultResponseCode This is the code indicating the reason when the response code is an "Error" xs:int Optional 7
ResponseMessage This is the human readable message from either the acquirer or the ANYpay service that describes the Response Code xs:string Mandatory 255
ReceiptInfo This is the data required for the production of a receipt ReceiptInfo Mandatory NA
Token This is the token generated by ANYpay to uniquely identify a transaction xs:string Mandatory 36
TokenizedCardNumber This is the tokenized card number that represents the real card number xs:string Mandatory 19
CardClass This is not supported NA NA NA
AuthorityCode This is the authorization code provided by the acquirer, card issuer or ANYpay xs:string Optional 20
AuthorityMethod This is the method used to authorize the transaction AuthorityMethod Optional NA